Photography by J. Marie | About Me

HI!  I'm Jenn, your friendly Southern Oregon Photographer.  Here are 10 Things to Know About Me...


1. Photography has been a love of mine for most of my life but it was only recently that I began to realize that I should turn my life long passion into a business - because, let's face it, life is far too short to spend it any other way than by doing what you love.


2. I'm a natural light photographer - I prefer to be taking photos outside among the beauty that is provided to us on the amazing Southern Oregon Coast.  But, yes, I can also take photos inside, especially if you have large windows that let the beautiful light in ;)


3. I greatly dislike shoes.  I'm still a Southern California girl at heart (been in Oregon for about 7 years) and I believe that flip-flops should be worn year-round.  


4. I live off of coffee.  And chocolate.  MMMMMMmmmm coffee and chocolate.  Ok, you can throw any "carbs" in there too - maybe anything that starts with C?  Seriously, I keep very busy and coffee not only tastes good but keeps me going.  Surprise me with a kicker from Dutch Bros and I will pretty much love you forever.


5.  I believe that EVERYBODY deserves love. I think that most the bad guys in the world are bad because they didn't have love in their life.  We all need it and everyone deserves it.  It's never too late for love.  Whatever your story is about love - I'm totally for it and would love even more to capture it for you.  #loveislove


6. If you look at a photo that I took and it made you laugh or cry or said "OMG that's so them" then my job was a total success.  More than anything, I want what I capture to evoke emotion and to capture the true personality of who they are.


7. Regardless of the time of year, there is about a 70% chance I am listening to Christmas music, or watching a Christmas movie, or wearing reindeer antlers.  


8. Photography has been a hobby and love of some of my family for generations.  My mom and dad took a photography class together shortly after they met and some of my very favorite photos every were taken by my mom.


9. I'm a wife and a mother - I have three adorable kiddos that keep me on my toes.


10.  I believe that photographs are one of the most important items we can collect - and we can never have too many.  They become the story of our lives and all events and details should be captured.  I don't believe you should wait until you "reach your goal weigh" or for there to be some change to take photos. Life is happening NOW and you are loved NOW - exactly as you are.  And that life and love that is happening now should be captured, so it can be remembered, and treasured, forever.